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Monetizing Social TV and
the Second Screen
  there seems to be a huge opportunity for advertisers to leverage those apps to feature multi-screen advertising 

  - , May, 2011

About the Company


SecondScreen Networks was founded to take advantage of the huge social TV audiences being created.


Over $70 billion is being spent annually in TV advertising.However, viewers are increasingly watching TV with their portable devices, resulting in more and more viewer attention directed away from TV spots and towards their laptops, tablets and smartphones.  With SecondScreen, that audience is now reachable, in real-time, in high-engagement fashion.  For the first time, with complementary digital advertising, TV advertising effectiveness increases.





  • Seth Tapper, CEO / Founder
  • Derrick Chen
  • David Bianciardi
  • David Markowitz



New York, NY

Press Mentions

MTV Aims for Multitasker PepsiCo, Verizon and Kraft Test Ads That Simultaneously Hit Different Platforms

September 6, 2012

PepsiCo Inc.'s simultaneous commercial blanket is the result of a new type of multi-platform ad service being introduced by MTV Thursday. It is the latest effort by a TV network to capture attention of consumers watching television while surfing the Web or tweeting, the kind of multitasking that is now commonplace.

[SecondScreen Networks ‘Sync Ad’ technology powers MTV’s ad service]


Meet the Five Big Tech Trends Changing Marketing - And 15 Startups That Will Get You to the Future

September 6, 2012

Experiences will be linked across many devices ...Software creators have the opportunity to drive a connected content experience across multiple devices. For example: a 30-second spot you're watching on TV could trigger content on your tablet that is related to the spot.

Three companies we like in the space: Shazam, Second Screen Networks, and Xbox.


SecondScreen Networks expands into Europe with Webrangers

July 6, 2012

SecondScreen Networks, the popular advertising platform to reach multiple screens in sync, has announced their first partnership in Europe. The NYC-based company will now offer solutions for an Amsterdam-based social TV agency called Webrangers.


NHL PrePlay App Looks Beyond Check-ins, Tune-ins and Social TV

May 4, 2012

Golier is working with SecondScreen Networks on tests of synchronized ads where on-air Molson spots will get complementary ads in the app. The in-app ad will be more personalized to region, offer the opportunity to get more information and to locate a Molson retailer.


Study: phones distract from TV, but ads in sync boost recall

May 29, 2012

Hill Holliday and SecondScreen Networks recently partnered to conduct a survey on the role a smartphone (the second screen) plays in one’s attention to TV commercials.



[Hill Holliday] Beacon Partner: SecondScreen Networks

March 2, 2012

"Today, Beacon spotlight is on one of our multi-screen solutions partners, SecondScreen Networks... CEO Seth Tapper was a featured panelist at our TVnext Summit earlier this week; take a listen to Seth speak about the successful efforts they have executed to date. The company is also featured in the Social TV book. "


Video streaming by Ustream



Startup, Meet Agency: How Silicon Alley and Madison Avenue Are Finally Working Together

February 3, 2012

"Huw Griffiths, Universal McCann's lead of global performance, signed one of the December presenters, SecondScreen Networks...for a test with a Super Bowl advertiser after being impressed by its measurement methodology. It was notable because many startups don't include business results in their pitch. "



SecondScreen to Power Synch Apps for Super Bowl

February 3, 2012

"As advertisers increasingly look to tablets and mobile devices as a way to offer additional information and pitches to consumers, SecondScreen Networks will be working with three advertisers from this year's Super Bowl to offer additional rich media ads for iPad, iPhone and online users.  The ads will be synchronized with the live TV airing of ads from Go Daddy and two other advertisers. "



Super Bowl XLVI ushers in mobile-viewing era in sports

February 3, 2012

"Markowitz explained that what his company does is provide an ad platform that synchronizes with spots running on TV...So if you are watching the Super Bowl and are on a television application at the same time, the SecondScreen technology will detect what commercials are running at that time and might offer you a coupon or a link to the company Web site or some other way to get your engagement."


Vinod Khosla’s 'cool dozen' tech innovations

Thursday, November 10, 2011

"The next version of television will be here shortly as TV 2.0 which will turn current passive television viewer into instant participants...This phenomenon is called second screen. Khosla said a new company, Second Screen Networks, provides apps such as digital ads with lots of applications synchronized to the one that is seen by the viewer on the screen."


One Synchronized Ad to Rule Them All

Oct 25, 2011

"A synchronized ad for Ford Lincoln Mercury that ran in a USA Network ad spot, a website, Facebook and a tablet app engaged 23% of the people viewing the ad on second screens...yet another proof point for the ad industry that coordinating screens in ad campaigns can provide a significant ROI."


Cross-Platform Sync Ad Draws 23% Interactivity Rates for USA Net, Ford

by Steve Smith, Oct 25, 2011

"The Ford Lincoln Mercury spot ran on the finale episode of USA’s “Necessary Roughness” series. When the ad for the MKX automobile appeared in the episode, SecondScreen launched a complementary rich media unit across USA’s CharacterChatter app on its Web site, on Facebook and on an iPad companion app.  Of the people using the CharacterChatter app at the time, 23% interacted with the ad."


Pay TV operators have a role in second-screen ad sync

"Clearly there is an opportunity for advertisers to develop campaigns that combine a traditional 30 second spot on television with a second screen advertisement. And for the TV industry as a whole this could generate completely new revenues, even attracting money that was previously destined for direct marketing, since the second screen is more addressable and measurable than the television set."


SyncTweet will sync TV ads with your Twitter stream

By  August. 26, 2011

"Now brands will have a new way to connect with audiences during commercial breaks, by inserting messages into users’ Twitter streams while their ads show on TV. Startup SecondScreen Networks is rolling out a new product called SyncTweet that can automatically send Tweets during commercial breaks with the hashtag of the show that viewers are watching."


Social TV – Past, Present and Future, Pt. 3

"As I continued my dive into Social TV I connected with David Markowitz, Vice President at SecondScreen Networks, an “Ad Platform for the two screen future of television viewing, commonly referred to the ‘second screen.’”

Second-Screen Startup Syncs With TV from the Cloud

Todd Spangler 

"Two buzzwords in one little startup? Meet New York-based SecondScreen Networks.  In the TV industry lately, a red-hot concept is that of a 'second-screen experience,' in which viewers get additional info, content or ads on an iPad or other handheld device that corresponds with what they’re watching on TV."


Could Social TV Really Become a Multi-Billion Dollar Business?

"The second screen will also create a new generation of advertising, as SecondScreen Networks, an advertising platform for the two screen future of television viewing, has shown."


Why social TV will be a multi-billion dollar business

June 27, 2011

"While there have been anecdotal examples that Twitter has helped drive ratings around TV shows — like Piers Morgan’s last-minute interview with Charlie Sheen — the bigger opportunity will be second-screen advertisements that tie with the broadcast. One of my favorite sponsored apps was the Master’s golf app (above), sponsored by IBM, and there are dozens more. Second Screen Network is an example of a company that’s moving ahead with an ad network that spans all kinds of second screen apps. For viewers who aren’t tagging, checking in, or clicking on TV commercials, second screen ads add another path of interactivity."


SecondScreen CEO On Advertising To An Audience Of Two Screen Viewers

By Megan O'Neill on June 16, 2011 10:19 AM

"SecondScreen Networks is on a mission to get these viewers more engaged with advertising by matching the ads that are running on TV with complimentary ads for the same products on the viewers’ “second screens.”"


SecondScreen to be the DoubleClick of the Multiplatform TV Universe?

May 27, 2011

"Will they become the the DoubleClick of the Social TV space? Some people think they are moving in the right direction and they have pending patents to boot...SecondScreen won't have this problem because they are doing it all server side and pushing to web sites - likely with publicly available broadcast feeds into their datacenter."


Note to Advertisers: TV Viewers Aren’t Actually Watching

May 25, 2011

“...But the winner in this case might not be online video, as brand dollars transition from TV buying to over-the-top services, but second-screen companion apps that tie into what’s happening on the bigger screen. In particular, there seems to be a huge opportunity for advertisers to leverage those apps to feature multi-screen advertising...”


SecondScreen Tests Second Screen Ad System

May 25, 2011

“Technology synch's the delivery of online ads with TV ads to add interactivity and engagement... the growing use of tablets, laptops and other devices by people as they watch TV programming has prompted a number of programmers, operators and sports leagues to explore the creation of services that would allow viewers to uses these additional screens to enhance their TV experience...”

New Ads Sync Up with American Idol Finale

May 24, 2011

"These synchronized web ads have been developed by Second Screen Networks, a New York-based startup that aims to monetize TV-related interaction on laptops and mobile devices. Second Screen CEO Seth Tapper told me today during a phone conversation that he wants to build something like a DoubleClick for the multitasking environment that is today’s living room. There’s good reason to do so: Just last week, Nielsen said that 70 percent of all tablet owners user their devices while watching TV. And late last year, a study found that 86 percent of mobile users access the Internet on their device while watching TV..."

‘Second screen’ ad network syncs with TV commercials

May 23, 2011

"As more people watch TV along with their tablets, phones and laptops, the opportunity to monetize the second screen is growing fast. A new company is creating a network of second screen advertisements that appear while TV commercials air..."

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